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Are you ready for PE?

The children's health and physical fitness is our TOP priority, they will be moving vigorously almost every class! Individual and cooperative games, gymnastics, dance and sport-specific skill development activities will be used to help achieve health and fitness goals.

Children should dress comfortably in layers on PE days. Short sleeves/tank tops are strongly recommended for PE all year long, however, an undershirt/camisole ALONE is not acceptable as PE attire. Sweats, leggings, khakis or any elastic waist pants are ideal for PE. Jeans are not forbidden, however, they do restrict movement and are not comfortable when the children are tumbling, climbing, running, etc. Dresses and skirts (NOT maxi-length) may be worn, yet we recommend shorts/leggings underneath allowing children to participate in all activities without discomfort or embarrassment (have you ever tried to climb a wall with a dress on? Not an easy task). No jewelry, hats, scarves or other 'draping' accessories may be worn during PE.


The children regularly ask to remove layers as their bodies heat up during PE, please put your child's name in ALL of their shirts, sweatshirts and jackets. The lost and found was OVERFLOWING by the end of last year. Labeling your child's clothes will ensure that items left behind are returned to the owner...not delivered to the lost and found box!

Sneakers are the only acceptable footwear for PE!

They must enclose the entire foot ( no open toe, sides, heels) and they must be snug fitting. "Skate" shoes are very popular among the boys in the Primary School. These sneakers ARE acceptable, however, during PE class, the laces need to be pulled tightly and TIED, otherwise these sneakers are flying through the air or left behind as a student moves through the gym! This creates a safety issue for your child as well as others!

You may choose to send sneakers and socks in your child's backpack or send in an old /extra pair of sneakers to be kept in the classroom cubby. Your child can change for PE, then back to his/her other shoes after class!

We have so much fun planned for your children, all geared to keeping their minds and bodies physically fit and healthy. They will develop sport specific skills to take to various after-school activities, self-confidence that will carry over outside the gym, interpersonal, as well as interpersonal skills that will help create productive and responsible citizens.


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