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Dear Parents,

Welcome! I would like to take this opportunity to share important information about the art program.

First, what role does art play in education? Art is a developmental program designed to provide students with experiences in art production, art history, art criticism and aesthetics. Art projects incorporate the elements and principles of design. The arts contribute significantly to each child's search for identity, self-confidence and personal achievement.

A child's grade is based upon his/her ability to demonstrate art concepts and techniques, fine motor development, participation in class activities, classroom behavior and willingness to experiment.

Students are not provided with smocks. I encourage each child to select special outfits for art class that can get stained. If you would like your child to wear a smock, please use a t-shirt that he/she can put on and remove independently - no buttons, zippers or long sleeves please. Students are responsible for storing their smock in their backpack.

Finally, what do I want your child to learn in art? Art history, art appreciation, and concepts are important. But mostly, I wish that he/she will have fun while learning and creating.


Mrs. Linda Weigel

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