Treatment for Head Lice

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  1. Treatment for head lice should only be considered when active lice or viable eggs are observed.
  2. Medicated shampoo to treat lice as per instructions. It is available over the counter at your pharmacy.
  3. Louse or nit combs are useful tools in the removal of lice or nits.
  4. Hair should be cleaned and combed/brushed well to remove tangles before using louse comb.
  5. Divide the hair into sections and work on one section at a time.
  6. Be sure to use a bright light for observation.
  7. Clean louse comb frequently and remove all lice or nits.
  8. Comb the hair daily until no live lice are found for two weeks.
  9. A second treatment of medicated shampoo may be necessary about ten days later to rid nits that may hatch after the initial treatment.
  10. Lice may become resistant to the medicated shampoo. If this occurs contact your physician regarding the appropriate treatment.
  11. Blow drying the hair may help to kill lice and their eggs.
  12. Wash towels, clothes and bed linen in hot water.
  13. Brushes, combs and hats should be washed in hot water every day.
  14. Additional information is available at the following web site:

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