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Dear Families,

     I hope you and your children will join me in our Learn 2 Type campaign!   Typing is an essential life skill.  New Jersey will administer the standardized tests online.  Therefore, we have been focusing on typing in our classes and are encouraging the children to practice typing at home each night for at least 15 minutes.  Students can color in any key for each 15 minutes of typing practice.  When students reach their goal, please sign and return to qualify for a prize.            

Goals:       Kindergarten:   10 Keys        1st  Grade:  15 Keys             2nd Grade:  20 Keys

     All 1st and 2nd graders have accounts in  Their username is their first and last name: no capitals & no spaces.  Their password was sent home with them.   Please see the links below for resources and free online typing games.

Thank you for supporting

Learn 2 Type!
   Please print this color coded keyboard to assist your child in learning the location of the letters on the keyboard and proper typing skills.  Keep it near your keyboard and encourage your child to practice at home. 
Free Typing Games: 
 Big Brown Bear Typing:  


Free Typing Games 2: