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Meet Marie Muller!
I would like to take the opportunity to introduce myself to you and provide a bit of history to go with the name. I began my career in in the Colts Neck Township School District in 1999 teaching second grade. 
One's ability to continually seek new path's and directions has set the stage once again for a new journey--literacy interventions. I am now the TIP  (targeted interventions program) teacher in CRPS. My philosophy and "lens" for how students acquire and internalize language has become my own passion as a teacher, as well as a learner. My excitement for the year is boundless and it is my intent to provide my students with all that I have discovered and experienced in my recent certification as a multi-sensory reading teacher at the  graduate level. My philosophy towards literacy instruction has its foundation in the premise of, lifting the barriers to acquiring true language skills.
I strive to empower each student, as well as their parents, with the very best strategies that match the readers ability to read--to ensure that each child becomes a reader. Breaking the code is the realization that spoken words have parts-the words heard are comprised of smaller pieces of sound--and phonemic awareness has been developed! Letters linked to phonemes are no longer meaningless, but transformed into something truly amazing--language!
School and writing have always been my fervent passions from a very early age, and teaching provides me the daily opportunity and joy to combine both. I believe that when one ceases to view the world openly with the hopes of new discovery, one becomes stagnant and uninspired. I have had privilege to amazing opportunities that have built and expanded my knowledge and understanding of varied learning styles and the many learning challenges for all types of students. 
Email is my preferred method of communication. I will respond to your message as soon as possible.
Email: muller@coltsneckschools.org
"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire."
~ William Butler Yeats