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How to Foster a Love of Reading in Your Child

How to Encourage Your Child to Love Reading



I have always loved to read and as a parent I wanted to share my passion for reading with my children. Here are my tips to help your child develop a life long love of reading.

Books everywhere

In my home there are books in almost every room. Some are tucked away neatly in bookcases but we always leave books on coffee tables, by the side of beds, in the car, etc. If books are at hand easily children will be more likely to pick them up and read.

A good selection

Not all children like the same types of books. Depending on the child's mood, they may sometimes like storybooks and at other times, non-fiction books. We have lots of information books lying around that can be picked up and read for just a few minutes at a time. We also have a good selection of kids joke books, comic books, kid-friendly magazines... whatever it takes to get them reading!


Children often like magazines and comics rather than books. Make it a real treat to go out and choose a magazine or comic book.

A new type of reading

Be open to new ways of reading. Children can read on the computer and many handheld devices now. It might not be the way we read as children, but that doesn't mean it's not okay for your child.

Lead by example

Let your child see you reading. Talk to your child about books or other things you're reading and ask them about what they are reading.


Read to your child

Young children usually love their parents reading to them. Let them choose the book and don't be suprised if they choose the same book over and over again.

Visit the library

Make visiting the library a regular event, preferably the same day each week. There's such a huge range of books for all age ranges.

Book reviews

It's a great idea for kids to do book reviews. They can be as simple as adding stars by the name of the book to writing a full blown review for older children.

Join a book club

Your child might like to join a children's book club. These are sometimes run by schools or at the library. You can even join clubs online.

Always make reading fun

Make reading a happy and fun experience for your child, something they can look forward to. When reading becomes a task your child is unlikely to develop a passion for reading any time soon.

I hope these ideas will help you encourage your child to love reading for life.