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Welcome to Miss Burgos' Preschool Classroom

Come Hold My Hand, Come Walk With Me, Let's Play & Share, Let's Make Some Memories

Twins Holding Hands   

Preschool Hours:  9:00--3:15

Welcome to the Colts Neck Preschool Program for 3 and 4 year olds! 

We are a program of active learning providing developmentally appropriate learning opportunities designed to develop cognitive, language, social and motor skills in preparation for kindergarten. 

We structure our class around the High/Scope Preschool Curriculum as well as New Jersey’s Early Childhood Expectations.

Children learn by doing, so we support our preschoolers through active learning experiences using concrete materials. 

We establish a positive social climate and a consistent daily routine which help the children feel secure and confident.  

Socialization, independence, and the development of problem solving skills are encouraged.

We learn, grow, work together, and have fun!

I am very much looking forward to a partnership with you as we travel through your child's beginning school years. 

We will be communicating grade level happenings via the preschool web page as well as group emails. 

Please be sure that I have your email address. 

The best, most reliable means of contacting me is via email.