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Kindergarten Thoughts

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Kindergarten Thoughts
Kindergarten is a child's first introduction to the Primary School setting.  With an awareness of children's individual differences and learning styles, it should establish appropriate learning in a safe, comfortable environment.  The Kindergarten curriculum is a thematic, hands-on approach which will address all areas of child development (intellectual, social, emotional, physical, and artistic.)  While providing opportunities to establish a healthy self-image and a positive attitude towards school, a love of life-long learning should emerge.  Readiness for academic achievement comes with appropriate and enriching experiences.  By providing structured and unstructured activities, along with a caring, warm and supportive atmosphere, competence and success will definitely take place.  Cooperation, consideration, learning to make good choices, and working as a contributing member in both small and large group settings are important goals.  They should lead to the formation of an independent thinker who takes academic risks while problem-solving, learning decision-making skills, and establishing positive peer relationships.
Delightfully, every child brings to Kindergarten a wonder of the world around them, deeply established within their own family and cultural experiences.  Parents, as well as children, are always encouraged to share in the progress of the classroom.  Partnership and communication between teacher, child and parent are of the utmost importance.
To Our New Friends
Kindergarten is a great place to explore and learn new things, make many new friends, and have lots of fun.  We are very excited to be able to share this time with you and your family.  It's going to be a wonderful year!